Men – would you wear a “Male Corset”?

Black Faux Leather Fashion Steel Boned Corset
Black Faux Leather Fashion Steel Boned Corset

Men, you like the corsets, don’t you?

Of course you do. You find them sexy on pretty much any woman who goes through the effort of putting on one for you.

But would you feel the same if the tables were turned, and YOU were the one to wear a Male Corset?  Well, it could happen — Asda in the UK is now selling a male corsetOf course, Asda doesn’t go as far as to call it a corset — that wouldn’t do well for sales, would it?

No – they went for the much more manly name of BODYSCULPT MANX TRUNKS instead.  Yeah, it’s just a pair of “high-waisted compression fabric for overall body shape improvement…. that help improve the waistline and stomach shape”.  This is their followup to the Bodyscupt Vest which would compress the upperbody when worn.

So the question is, men – if you do go to the trouble of wearing MANX when you go out to the clubs and picking up a hottie, when do you let her know that what she’s seeing isn’t necessarily what she’s going to be getting.  Yeah, it’s the flipside of the old “is she wearing a padded bra” question that women go through before that first special evening.

How do you bring this up in casual conversation with your date?  Or do you keep it secret until you get to know each other a little better…?