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Survey: Would You Wear Your Spouse’s Dirty Underwear?

Travelling across the country is usually no big deal.  You check your luggage, get on the plane, and then collect your luggage at your destination before heading out for fun and adventure.

Unless the airline’s luggage handlers miss getting your bags from the first plane to your connecting flight due to a short turnaround.  Then you’re screwed, and end up spending the next day trying to figure out what to wear while you are waiting for your misguided luggage to finally show up at your hotel.

Savvy travellers will know that this can happen, and take special precautions to address such a situation — such as packing an extra pair of underpants in their carry-on luggage.

The problem that arises is when your travelling companion is not quite as travel savvy as you are, and has not done the same. 

This is the situation a friend of mine found himself in the other day.  He had packed his carry-on properly, while his wife thought their luggage would arrive safely.  In this case, she was sadly mistaken.  Let’s call them “Bob and Mary” for the sake of the story.

The airline did what they could do, offering them each a travel convenience pack (with toiletries and a flimsy t-shirt), and $50 to buy incidentals. 

The next day, Bob and Mary prepare to go out to buy some clothes to wear for that evening’s festivities.  Bob, being the practical planner, has not just one – but two fresh pair of boxer shorts in his carry-on.  He proudly puts one on, knowing that he is a smart traveller.  Mary is not as happy, as she didn’t pack any clean underwear in her carry-on for this unfortunate event.

So Mary does the next best thing.

She asks if she can wear Bob’s other fresh pair of boxers.  Of course, Bob obliged her.  They put on their previous day’s travelling clothes, and go out shopping.

At the local MegaMart, Mary picks out a 3-pack of underwear for herself, and asks Bob what type of underwear he would like her to pick up off the shelf.  Bob says that he doesn’t need any, as their luggage will be arriving later that day…. and besides, in a worst-case scenario, he would just wear the boxers that Mary was wearing right now.

Bob continued, “Wear them?  Heck, I’d put them over my head and breathe deep!   It’ll be great if they’re still warm, honey…”  Mary was aghast at the suggestion that Bob would wear her worn underpants.  Bob countered with “it’s not like you pooped in them.”  Mary picked out a package of boxers and disgustingly threw them into the cart, and headed for the checkout.

So the question today, Web Watch readers, is if you were in the same situation, would YOU wear your spouse’s dirty underwear? 

The casual survey done over the past few days amongst Bob’s friends and family revealed that 99% of all men would, in fact, wear the day-old underwear that their wives had worn.  The women in the same group were disgusted at the very thought of either wearing their husbands’ nasty drawers or having their husbands revel in wearing dirty underwear of their own.

This really shouldn’t be that big a deal, the men said.  They’ve been selling used panties in Japanese vending machines for years.  Of course, this has now turned into an urban myth as others are claiming that the practice of selling used undies is now illegal

Besides, the entire issue could have been resolved if Mary had just decided to go commando.  But that would be a different story for a different day.