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The one non-negotiable item you MUST pack in your suitcase

Web Watch was on a trip recently, and as we often do, we found ourselves chatting with others in the airport.

And we sometimes find ourselves inquiring about people’s destinations and plans.  You know, to live vicariously through others ont their adventures.

One couple, for example, was on a month-long tour of Australia and New Zealand, and they were travelling lightly through the airport – as they shipped their luggage overseas to meet them at their hotel upon arrival (it was less expensive overall than flying with the oversized/overweight bags, and they already had confirmation that their bags were waiting for them).

Another person was going to spend a week in San Diego on business, and he was travelling with just his oversized computer bag.  He claimed that he had everything he needed in the one case for a week; he prefers to travel with as little complication as possible.

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So here we were with two direct opposites in travel philosophies – one couple bringing the world with them on their literal trip around the world, and the other other trying the minimalistic approach to what’s appropriate for being away from home.

Learning how to pack accordingly in the minimum suitcase space you have to work with is a fine art form.  One such HOW TO PACK YOUR BAG list covers all the basics:  stick to neutral colors, roll your clothes instead of folding them, wear your outerwear on the plane rather than packing it, etc.

But they did point out one NON-NEGOTIABLE PACKING ITEM that some people would debate more than others: for a week-long trip, packing seven pairs of underwear is 100% non-negotiable.

It’s a requirement.  Especially if you don’t want to wash your underwear in the hotel room’s coffee pot during the trip.

Of course, you could follow THIS GUY’S ADVICE , as he recommends taking the rattiest, hole-filled underwear you own on your vacations and throw it out along the way (thereby leaving more room in your suitcase as the trip gets longer, so you have more space for souveiners).  He does this with blue jeans as well.

But the advice for always packing enough underwear is not unique.  A VACATION UNDERWEAR STUDY showed that men think that they only need to pack three pair of underwear for a week-long vacation, while women will take 10 pair with them.

What do you think is the appropriate amount of underwear to bring with you on vacation?