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What do Men want for Christmas?


It’s a commonly-asked question.  If you believe retailers, all men want during major gift-giving season are the following:

  • Desk toys
  • Remote controls
  • Toys with remote controls
  • Other stuff that requires batteries
  • Underwear

These are the types of things that get stacked up in the Men’s departments of various stores, and women are expected to buy these crappy-plastic items in the hopes of pleasing their needy, child-minded partners.

High West Campfire Whiskey
High West Campfire Whiskey

But a woman with any sense about her knows that she shouldn’t rely on retail merchandise displays to find The Item for her man.

No, she should turn to awesome websites like WEB WATCH to obtain this type of information.  Because we’re going to refer you to THIS LIST OF THINGS MEN REALLY WANT, which is itself a summary of the Top Items For Men, as selected by various men-oriented magazines.

Whew! Got that?

GQ magazine, for example, recommends High West Whiskey Campfire, while ESQUIRE magazine believes that every man worth his salt should have a full collection of Spiegelau Beer Glasses (although we all know that real men drink their beer directly from the tap).

The list covers top items from Men’s Fitness, Rolling Stone, Hypebeast and others.  Because if there’s one place you can find all the things men really want, you’ll find it in the magazines that they’re reading.

But seriously? Whatever you get the man in your life will be fine.  Just be sure that it’s presented with the appropriate wrapping paper – if you know what we mean.