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Want some awesome – and free – Christmas and holiday music? Check out these two sites…

Bing Crosby White ChristmasIf you’re looking for some free Christmas or holiday music, you need to pay attention this month.

AMAZON.COM has decided to share FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS of holiday music in the Amazon Music Store.  Every day, Amazon will be placing a free song on their site for download.  For example, today’s free MP3 song is “Joy to the World” by Casting Crowns.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

But if you really enjoy some old-school classic Xmas music, you need to turn no further than FALALALALA.COM – PRESERVING THE MEMORIES OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC PAST.   

For the past few years, the self-proclaimed “King of Jingaling” has been ripping and posting dozens of out-of-print classic Christmas albums to share with the world, if each only for a limited time.

If you visit FA LA LA LA LA regularly, you’ll be reminded of how pleasant a holiday season could be with phenomenal Christmas music by The Hollyridge Strings, The Mike Sammes Singers, Esquivel, and other great musicians and groups. 

If you’re sick of listening to the same-old renditions of those holiday chestnuts that you hear every time you head out to the mall, one trip down memory lane on FA LA LA LA will bring a smile back to your face.