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2010 Holiday Shopping Trends

What Would Jesus Buy?
What Would Jesus Buy?

As we round the corner for the holiday season’s shopping sprees, researchers have gone out and announced their PREDICTIONS FOR THE 2010 HOLIDAY SHOPPING TRENDS.  

According to the National Retail Federation’s 2010 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, consumers reported the following:

  • We’re still in a recession:  61.7% of shoppers are continuing curtailing their spending due to the economy.   81.5% said they would spend less; 54.1% would frequent sales; 40.6% would use more coupons; 30.9% would comparison shop online.
  • Shopping will be a bit more frivolous than last year. 23% are buying jewelry, and 18.2% are looking for personal care or beauty items.
  • 41.8% will look for sales or price discounts, but customer service (5.3%) and merchandise quality (12.7%) are also important.  Young adults, ages 18-24, are twice as likely as other adults to choose service over price when selecting a store to shop at.
  • Young adults are not expected to spend as much this season (only about $469), but they’re making more informed and better purchasing decisions.
  • 57.1% will use the holidays to make personal purchases, spending about $108 on themselves.
  • Men are more likely to ask for electronics or sporting goods.  Women want gift cards, jewelry, or home decorating items.