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The world’s BEST and WORST places to use the Internet

People in the US don’t always know how good they have it compared to people in other countries.

Sure, you’ll complain about bad WiFi networks or crappy cell service, but at least you’re not trying to use the Internet while in a different country.

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Top Grossing Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android (Dec 2014)

App makers are continuing to make tons of money with the same old, same old types of games.  There’s been a few changes at the top of the charts this month – with PANDORA making a hefty rise to the top (albeit probably temporary).

‘Cause we knew you’d want to know – all apps are making about $18million per day, across all apps and all devices.

And Candy Crush Soda Saga, the latest addition to the Candy Crush kingdom, is making a killing – so recently introduced and already in the list of Top Money Making apps around.  Go figure.

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How much money do podcasts make?

What podcasts do you listen to?

Do you get them free, or do you bother to pay for them?

Podcast Studio
Podcast Studio

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This is why you should always change the default password

How many of you have installed some piece of Internet-enabled equipment in your home?

And how many of you have left the default password the same on the device, thinking “who bothers with that kind of thing?”

D-Link Wireless Day/Night Network Surveillance Camera
D-Link Wireless Day/Night Network Surveillance Camera

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Social Media is just like Chocolate and French Fries

There’s an old adage about how french fries at the bottom of the McDonald’s bag always taste better than the french fries in the container.

Maybe that’s why FIVE GUYS loads up that fry bag with extra fries, because they know that the fries in the bag taste better than the fries in the cup.

It’s like BONUS FRIES!

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Marketers: How to reach Gen-Y consumers

Millennials, Generation Y.

Whatever you call them, we’re still talking about people who were born roughly from 1982 – 2004.

And while 80’s music may not be what they consider classic, these are the consumers who would have the most disposable income to spend elsewhere, Dexy’s Midnight Runners be damned.

The Gen Y Handbook: Applying Relationship Leadership to Engage Millennials
The Gen Y Handbook:
Applying Relationship Leadership to Engage Millennials


How much would you pay for an ad-free Internet?

Do you use any Ad Block software or have a custom HOSTS file to prevent advertisements from overwhelming your Internet browser?

Do you get tired of pop-up, pop-under, fly-by, expanding multimedia ads that hide the content you’re really interested in seeing?

Maybe there’s a real answer to the problem instead of fighting the advertisers:

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What TV, movie and game torrents are most popular?

Bittorrent is a way to share digital files on the Internet by sharing little bits of those files among dozens upon dozens of other people’s computers.

While a legitimate way to circulate large files legally, computer-savvy folks have taken to using torrent files to distribute copyrighted material illegally.