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Are you a podcaster? You may get shut down due to a “podcast patent”

If you’re a podcaster, you’ll want to pay attention to what podcaster Adam Carolla has to say.

How to Launch a Podcast
How to Launch a Podcast

So here’s the deal:

  • There’s a company called PERSONAL AUDIO that claims to hold a patent for “delivery of episodic audio content over the Internet”.
  • They’re suing Adam Carolla and other podcasters in federal court, trying to shut them down or extort money from them for patent violations.

Here’s Adam telling you everything you need to know about this “patent troll”:

Concerned? You should be.  That’s why Adam has started FUND ANYTHING : PATENT TROLL as a way to help fight the battle.  Others joining the cause include high-profile Internet-oriented folks like Jimmy Kimmell, Andy Summers from The Police, and Marc Maron.

We all love listening to podcasts – and like other content that’s available elsewhere (TV, Radio, Newspaper, many websites), they are free to listen to as long as we want to put up with some occasional sponsorship mention or commercial.  And that’s okay, as long as it keeps the podcast going.

But if Personal Audio wins?  Well – you can kiss your podcasts and free time spent with Adam goodbye.  So you can either pay Adam $5 now to pay for legal fees, or you can pay Adam $25 a year… or more… in order to comply with the demands of the patent.

It’s up to you, America.  You want to listen for free?  How about donating a little to the cause now?