How much would you pay for an ad-free Internet?

Do you use any Ad Block software or have a custom HOSTS file to prevent advertisements from overwhelming your Internet browser?

Do you get tired of pop-up, pop-under, fly-by, expanding multimedia ads that hide the content you’re really interested in seeing?

Maybe there’s a real answer to the problem instead of fighting the advertisers:


But how much would you pay to guarantee that you would never see an ad ever again?

All it takes is to calculate the total sum of money spent on Internet advertising overall, then divide that figure by the number of people using the Internet.  That would be each person’s contribution in order to pay all the advertisers to go away.

And how much money are we talking about?  In the UK – it’s around $230 per year, per person (give or take a little bit).

So basically, the average family of four would have to spend an additional $1000 per year solely for the ability to never see an Internet ad that year.  That’s in addition to your normal ISP charges and everything else you’re already paying to use and maintain your Internet connection.

So ask yourself – is $230 a small price to pay to never get an ad ever again?  If you were a business, how would you feel about that?

There’s a purpose for advertising. Is going ad-free really the best way to go about it? How many businesses will fold if they’re not allowed to advertise their products where people are congregating?