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How to permanently block all online ads

Look, we get it.

The Internet is free, right?  You have to pay to be online, but once you’re there – the millions of pages of information out there should be yours for the viewing, without being blocked by persistently annoying advertising invading your viewspace.

Web Watch is in a quandray over this – we’re supported by advertising on the site, so why would we want to share with you one simple, easy way to completely block all ads from ever appearing on your computer or WiFi-enabled devices ever again?  If this idea takes off, we’ll have to switch to a subscription-based model – but we’d rather not go that route if we can help it.

Digital Impact: The Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success
Digital Impact: The Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success

What are we talking about?

How about a small $120 box that sits between your modem and your router?  Before any Internet advertising can be sent around your house – the AD TRAP ADVERTISING BLOCKER actively reviews all content that comes across the Internet line and prevents anything that’s advertising related from even getting displayed.

Imagine, no more plug-ins needed.  No more worries about why you’re seeing ads on one computer and not on another, or being forced to use one browser for work and having to suffer through advertising while doing so, when all you want to do is use your preferred ad-free browser.

All they’re asking for is $120 per person until they reach their manufacturing goal.   All we ask for those Web Watch readers who do buy one is to not block our ads once you get the Ad Trap.  You know, as a favor for us telling you about this awesome idea.