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How To Get Rid of Unwanted Books: Sell them Online!

bookshopIf you are like Web Watch, you probably have shelf upon shelf of books all around the house.

Books stacked in corners, piled away in boxes, placed on nightstands.

Books are good things to have around… but sometimes you end up with tons of books that you just don’t need anymore.  Maybe you’ve outgrown them, maybe you just don’t need to keep that series of Tom Clancy novels “just in case” you decide to read them again.

Sure you could sell them for $0.25 each at a neighborhood garage sale (if you’re lucky enough to get that much for them), or you could donate the books to a local library or assisted-living facility.

But Web Watch has a better idea:  try selling your books online.

Obviously, eBay is the natural choice – but honestly, do you think you’ll get more than what Amazon shows as the “lowest used price” for any given book?  You’ll have to sell them as a set, and even then you might not get any takers at a price worth talking about.

You could try selling them individually on Amazon, and hope that someone eventually buys that dog-eared copy of GROWING UP BRADY: I WAS A TEENAGE GREG.

Web Watch has a better idea.  Sell the books to CASH 4 BOOKS.

Just type in the ISBN number (usually found on the back cover, by the UPC code), and CASH 4 BOOKS will tell you how much they will pay for that title.

Of course, they’re not going to buy back everything you have lying around – they want books newer than 2006 or so… and even then, just titles that they’ve determined are in-demand.

Still, it’s worth a shot.  They pay for the shipping and handling, so it’s a trouble-free transaction if you find any titles that they’ll take.