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Here’s a way to make money by getting rid of those unwanted, unused gift cards

$25 iTunes Gift Card$25 iTunes Gift Card

Web Watch went to a charity auction a few years ago and won a silent auction for a handful of restaurant gift cards, for restaurants that we would actually go to.

We used three of the four cards, which more than made up for the overall cost paid at the auction.  Yet we have one card left that we just haven’t gotten around to using.

And this week we found out that the restaurant it was for just closed.  We know we could travel around the country and use the gift card at one of their other locations, but we really doubt we’ll be visiting one of those cities anytime soon.  Just saying.

So now we own a gift card (with a hefty monetary value on it — still valid, we checked on the restaurant company’s website), but we have no reasonable place or timeframe to use it in.

So what should we do?  What should we do?

We’re going to check out PLASTIC JUNGLE and see how much money we can get for our original charitable investment.

They say that they’ll pay up to 92% for your unwanted, unused gift cards.  If you have a stack of ’em for stores you’ll never visit in a million years, you may want to check this site out.

Dang it – our restaurant chain must not be important enough to be available on the site.  But let’s take a look at some of the options that Plastic Jungle is offering:

  • $100 at Dean & Deluca can be worth about $75
  • $100 at Best Buy goes for about $85
  • $100 at Home Depot could net you as much as $87

Maybe you’re looking for a deal yourself?  Try buying a gift card from the site.  You’ll pay about 10% less than the listed balance (so a $100 gift card will cost you $90).

It’s not a bad way to go if you’re looking to make (or buy) some deals on the cheap.  Gift Cards can be cash in somebody’s pocket…