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The Best Places to Live in America in 2011

Nextville: Amazing Places to Live Your Life
Nextville: Amazing Places to Live Your Life

Web Watch has lived in a number of places around the country, and visited dozens of other cities as well.

When we travel, we often ask ourselves the same question — when it comes time to retire, would this make a good place to live?

Or, more specifically – if our jobs allowed us to relocate anywhere in the country to work, where would be a good place to move to?

Well, MONEY magazine has compiled the TOP 100 BEST SMALL TOWNS TO LIVE IN AMERICAThese are all towns of less than 50,000 population.  Here were the top ten:

  1. Louisville, CO
  2. Milton, MA
  3. Solon, OH
  4. Leesburg, VA
  5. Papillion, NE
  6. Hanover, NH
  7. Liberty, MO
  8. Middleton, WI
  9. Nukitteo, WA
  10. Chanhassen, MN

As for which were considered the best states to live — Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin all had 5 of the top 200 places on the list.