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Extreme Weight Loss tip: take off your thong underpants

If you have a scale at home, how do you weigh yourself?

Most people agree that it really doesn’t matter how you weigh yourself, as long as however you do it, you do it consistently.  Always weigh yourself before your shower, after your shower, in the morning, at night — whatever you choose, just keep doing the same thing every time.

Laura Ashley Women's Variety Thong Set
Laura Ashley Women’s Variety Thong Set

How To

What do football and underwear have in common?

Web Watch was chatting with a friend the other day who happens to run their business from home.

Part of their job involves meeting with clients, often at their homes at various times of day.  Hey, not everyone has an office job, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a job.

So they said that one thing that often happens to them — and they stressed the word “often” — was that their clients would take the meeting in their underwear.  Or their spouse would walk into the room in their tighty-whiteys.

DC Comics Women's Heroines Super Powers Panties
DC Comics Women’s Heroines Super Powers Panties

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Do you own a pair of POWER PANTIES?

Heading into a big meeting at the office, maybe to ask for a raise or to make a presentation in front of senior management — what is the one thing you do to boost your confidence and build yourself up before you head into the room?

Confessions Of A Panty Seller: How To Turn Your Used Panties Into Real Money
Confessions Of A Panty Seller:
How To Turn Your Used Panties Into Real Money

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Twelve signs your bra is trying to kill you

Do you suffer from any health conditions that you can’t explain?

Have you tried absolutely everything that’s available over-the-counter, to no avail?

Perhaps, Web Watch reader, the issue isn’t something that can be solved with a Little Yellow Pill, but rather by changing your underwear.


Survey: Brides aren’t wearing matching underwear on their wedding night

Planning what to wear for a wedding can be stressful enough — the dress, the shoes, the reception shoes, the post-reception shoes, the pre-party outfits, the hair and makeup outfit, etc.

But can you believe what the bride doesn’t panic about?


Best Legal Ruling Ever: the Case of the Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Bikini Top

They say that all the really unusual news stories only happen in Florida.

Texas may begin to disagree, especially after what Judge Biery ruled in his recent decision in the case of 35 BAR AND GRILLE, LLC (plaintiffs) vs THE CITY OF SAN ANTONIO in what is officially being called the CASE OF THE ITSY BITSY TEENY WEENY BIKINI TOP v THE (MORE) ITSY BITSY TEENY WEENY PASTIE.

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HommeMystere: It’s lingerie… for men!

One of life’s greatest gift-giving spectacles is the parade of men in stores like Victoria’s Secret, wandering around and trying to figure out what type of underwear or lingerie they should buy for their significant other.

As many women say, no matter how many times their man will insist that the gift of lingerie is for her – it’s still a gift for him.

So what’s the female equivalent?


Take your pick: Celebrity Net Worth, Bra Size, or Plastic Surgery?

Sometimes Web Watch runs across websites that just don’t know what they’re supposed to be.

Think of it as website schizophrenia.

This is one of those sites.