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HommeMystere: It’s lingerie… for men!

One of life’s greatest gift-giving spectacles is the parade of men in stores like Victoria’s Secret, wandering around and trying to figure out what type of underwear or lingerie they should buy for their significant other.

As many women say, no matter how many times their man will insist that the gift of lingerie is for her – it’s still a gift for him.

So what’s the female equivalent?

Secrets of a Married Man
Secrets of a Married Man
(starring William Shatner, Cybill Shepherd, Michelle Phillips)

Do men really need to wear lingerie?  Would men wear lingerie if given the opportunity to do so?

These are questions that HOMME MYSTERE is trying to answer with their line of LINGERIE TAILORED FOR MEN.

Let’s take a quick rundown of their product line:

  • Men’s Panties
  • Men’s G-Strings
  • Men’s Bras
  • Men’s Lingerie
  • Men’s Stockings and Hosiery

And Homme Mystere is not just an online retailer.  They have products in stores ranging from Oshkosh Wisconsin to Kaysville Utah.

They even have a FAW that addresses the one question that’s in the back of your mind right now:  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY MEN WOULD WANT TO WEAR LINGERIE?

Their answer:  “It’s fun, it feels great and it makes choosing underwear each day a little more enjoyable.”

There you go.

What it comes down to, ladies, is that if you’ve already gone down the power tool aisle at your local home improvement store or wandered aimlessly in any major electronics retailer trying to figure out something special and unique for the man in your life — maybe you should take a page out of the Guy Book and just make a beeline for the Men’s Lingerie section.

After all, it’s not just a gift for him… it’s a gift for YOU as well.