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Men: How to stop the dreaded “pee spot” from appearing

While most any story about pee can be amusing, there are times when pee is not a laughing matter.

There are any number of reasons why adult men would suffer from occasional incontinence, or just can’t stop the post-pee drip from appearing on the outside of their khaki pants — and that usually happens immediately before an important business meeting where you have to stand in front of the company board and make a formal presentation.

And all you can think about is “are they looking at my pee stain”?

DP (de-pee)® Stain & Odor Remover: For Potty Accidents & Other Adventures
DP (de-pee)® Stain & Odor Remover:
For Potty Accidents & Other Adventures

And you really don’t want to be the guy standing by the hand blower in the men’s room, struggling to dry off your pants when an emergency strikes.

So what should you do?  Web Watch has three suggestions for you:

  • Try any of the long-term suggestions posted on THE CONTINENCE FOUNDATION site, such as kegel exercices or bladder training.
  • Follow the directions posted on THIS WEBMD THREAD, regarding where to press down with your fingers immediately after urinating
  • Or wear some PROTECTIVE UNDERWEAR , WICKING UNDERWEAR, or DRY BRIEFS. Any one of these products is definitely better than what one WebMD poster said they did, which was to “take a few extra sheets and stick it in my underwear. After about an hour, simply go to the restroom and throw it away.”

How big of a deal are these specialty underwear products?  Let’s read some of the testimonials, and you can decide for yourself:

  • As a woman, I wish every man wore Murphys.  It is hard to ignore that spot on a man’s pants.”
  • If out with my buddies, and the wet spot was noticable, I would laugh it off, saying “No matter how you hop and dance, the last few drops go in your pants”