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Move over, Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale: there’s a new cake pan to consider

Parents and home bakers everywhere struggle with this problem every day.

Their kids want specialized character cakes, and the parents don’t want to violate Alton Brown’s credo of “no single taskers in the kitchen”.   You don’t want to be stuck with a specialized character cake pan, only to end up with just one cake decorating option available to you until the end of time.

Hello Kitty Cake Pan
Hello Kitty Cake Pan

Carvel runs into this issue with their Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale ice cream cakes — unless they flip the mold around and try a different decoration style on it, they’re stuck with just one style of cake to create over and over again.  Same thing with the above HELLO KITTY CAKE above — there’s only one way to decorate a cake with that design on it.

Alton Brown would be horrified at anyone deciding to buy a single-use cake pan.

Which is why he would likely approve of Holly’s imaginative repurposing of a PENIS PAN that she bought for a bachelorette party.

Holly didn’t want to be stuck making just one cake over and over (and really, how many times is that cake going to need to be made anyway?

Which is why Holly has documented all the different ways she has created to decorate a cake with that pan to come up with presentations that are completely different and presentable in all sorts of different, non-bachelorette party scenarios:

There’s the Wizard, Alligator, Palm Tree, Elephant, Farm, UFO, Balloons, Fireworks, Lighthouse, and – of course – a Christmas Tree.

What other designs can you come up with?  Take a look at what Holly has done for inspiration, then let us know in the comments below…