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Current tattoo trends, for women – and what they mean about you

They say that a tattoo is a personal choice.  A statement.

When you have a tattoo, you don’t need to explain its meaning to anyone; why you have it, where you have it, what that tattoo represents — that’s entirely you, and no one else’s.

Temporary Tattoo Paper for Inkjet Printer
Temporary Tattoo Paper for Inkjet Printer

What you don’t want, however, is to get a tattoo that is out-of-style, or implies something about you that isn’t true if someone were to casually see your ink.

So you’ve heard of the TRAMP STAMP, that glorious Spring Break ritual of getting one’s lower back colored up with a butterfly or other symbol.

But have you heard of the SKANK FLANK?

The Skank Flank is a tattoo on a girl’s side, along her ribcage.  And according to tattoo artists, it has rapidly become the more popular place to get inked, primarily because it is a bit more hidden than the Tramp Stamp can be, especially in the workplace.  Because let’s face it, the chances of bending over to pick up that ream of paper for the photocopier is more likely to reveal a Tramp Stamp, however subtley, than a tattoo that is just below your bra along the side of your body.

Other popular trends are moving towards more script and lettering tattoos.

How common are tattoos now versus our parents’ generation?  32% of Gen-X say that they’re tattooed, compared to 15% of older generations.

Does all this extra flamboyance bother kids today?  Not so much, apparently.  Women (and men) everywhere, of all shapes/colors/sizes/backgrounds are getting inked, wherever and however they’d like.  And that’s okay.

Having a tattoo shouldn’t mean that you should automatically get judged.  Tattoos do not equate to whoredom.

Unless you really are a prostitute with a tattoo or two of your own, in which case – never mind.