Survey: women with tramp stamp tattoos more likely to put out on the first date

This is a two part question for Web Watch readers:

a) for the women:  do you have a tramp stamp, ie a tattoo on your lower back just above your butt crack?

Okay, now put your hands down.  Next question:

b) for the men: what do you think of women with a lower back tattoo?

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Current tattoo trends, for women – and what they mean about you

They say that a tattoo is a personal choice.  A statement.

When you have a tattoo, you don’t need to explain its meaning to anyone; why you have it, where you have it, what that tattoo represents — that’s entirely you, and no one else’s.

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10 Ways to Spot a Douchebag

Sometimes you just want somebody to tell you that you’re being one.

Sometimes you like to point it out in others.

Let’s face it – douchebags can be lots of fun — especially to those people who feel that they’re not being a douche at the time.

But while it may have been cool to even be aHipster Douchebag, maybe it’s time to hang up the duckface and move on to other things.

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Why are you removing your tattoo?

Show of hands:

How many Web Watch readers out there have tattoos?

Alright — now how many of you have a tattoo that you regret having?

And finally – how many of you are going through the tattoo removal process?   Yeah… this last group is the one we want to talk with.

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What if Disney Princesses were tattooed and pierced?

Disney Princess Tattoos
Disney Princess Tattoos

Disney Princesses have inspired many fantasies, for girls and boys alike.

Girls, because they want to be just as glamorous, rich, desired… and more recently, smart and self-sufficient.   

Web Watch has covered the Disney Princess phenomenon in the past, from both a business and a fantasy viewpoint (Briana Garcia and her Funny Disney Princesses being a popular page here on Web Watch).

So why do boys like the Disney Princesses?  Because let’s face it — in the right circumstance, Disney Princesses can be hot.  Heck, how can you explain why seven dwarves fought over Snow White?

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Celebrity tattoos (you know you want one)

Tattoo Nation: Portraits of Celebrity Body Art
Tattoo Nation: Portraits of Celebrity Body Art

Do you have any tattoos?

If so, are they the same old ones that everyone else has, such as a tribal armband, butterfly on the hip, or an oriental letter on the back of your neck?

Yeah, you thought getting a tattoo would make you unique – but because you got the same tattoo that everyone else has gotten, you’re really just following the crowd.

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Guess what? Your fancy Chinese character tattoo doesn’t say what you think it says.

Essential KanjiSome would say that if you’re one of those people who feel the need to have a tattoo on your arm, neck, lower back, calf, or other seen (or unseen) body part that is not in your native language, then you deserve what you get.

You might have asked for your initials to be displayed in Kanji, but you may end up with something entirely different and not necessarily something that you would like to have.

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20 Least Appropriate Tattoos for Girls

face tattoosIn case you were wondering about whether you should get a tattoo or not, you might want to take a look at these 20 TATTOOS YOU DON’T WANT TO GET IF YOU’RE A GIRL.

And yes, all the usual suspects are here, including: