Get 20,000 Followers, Get a Twitter Tattoo

Josh Highland, as we saw in Web Watch yesterday, is classified on Tweeting Too Hard as being a narcisstic Twitter tool.  Not at the top of the list, but a tool nonetheless.

But he doesn’t deserve to be on that list.  He just tweets about things that are meaningful to him.

Like trying to get 20,000 Twitter users to follow him.He’s not Ashton or Demi, where 1,000,000 followers resulted in large charitable donations.

No, Josh Highland (@joshhighland) just wants to GET A FAIL WHALE TATTOO of at least 4″ x 5″ in size.   And he’ll get it as soon as he gets 20,000 followers, which is about 17,000 more than what he has now.  Luckily, there isn’t a time limit on this project, so take all the time you need before signing up.

I don’t know about this. If I was a web developer who also had his own line of men’s grooming products, getting a Fail Whale tattoo would really not be on the top of my list of things to do. 

But this is what Josh wants to do, and as long as he carries through with this project, he shouldn’t be at the top of the TweetingTooHard list.  I do hope that he does something nice for his 20,000th follower, like including their Twitter name in the tattoo design.

It does make me wonder what he’ll do to get 50,000 followers.   Hell, what would YOU do?