Your phone is hurting your dating life

iPhone? Android? Jitterbug?

You should be careful about which phone you choose, as that choice could decide who you end up dating.

According to DECLUTTR, 70% of people would rather date someone with an iPhone over someone with an Android device.

Women will avoid someone with an older phone model. And if you have a cracked screen, you better get that fixed before going on a date — 1/3 of people thought it reflected poorly on their companion.


Quick: name the two rarest sexual fantasies people have

You have a fantasy that you haven’t told anybody about, don’t you?

It’s all in your head, and that’s okay. A fantasy isn’t a fantasy if it becomes real, right?

Britney Spears Women's Fantasy
Britney Spears Women’s Fantasy

How To

The right and wrong reasons to go on a blind date

If you’ve been on a blind date, then you know the ritual: the awkward handshake to start, the awkward dinner and small talk, the awkward “should we kiss, hug, shake hands” moment at the end of the date, the awkward “how to say no to date number two” moment.

Oh, the list goes on.

Your Body Belongs to You
Your Body Belongs to You


Does the Creepy Dating Rule really work?

We’ve all heard about the CREEPY DATING RULE, where you’re not supposed to date anyone younger than half your age + 7, right?

So if you’re 30 years old, you can’t date anyone younger than 22 years old.  And flipping that around – if you’re 30, you shouldn’t date anyone older than 46 years old.

22 years old through 46 years old.  That sounds like a pretty reasonable dating age range, don’t you think?

Stop Being Creepy
Stop Being Creepy

10 Things Gadgets Internet

Rules for Digital Flirting

Sexting and other technological advances in today’s dating world have come a long way from dating rituals of yesteryear.

It was only a few short years ago when “can I have your pager number” went by the wayside for a more direct communication method – and even calling someone on their cellphone is slowly fading away into obscurity.

Where’s everyone’s manners, these days?

Flirting Dos and Don'ts
Flirting Do’s and Don’ts

10 Things

Eight signs your spouse is likely to cheat on you

Cheating on one’s spouse or partner in a relationship happens for many reasons.

Sometimes there is unhappiness; sometimes it’s desire. Every situation is different.


First date hook-ups are uglier the next morning

Have you ever hooked up with your date on the first evening out?

You know how it is – the music’s right, the party was great, you’re feeling it.  Really feeling it…

so you decide to spend the night or invite them up for a nightcap.  One thing leads to another, and BAM!

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How to unclog a toilet while on a date

Plunging a clogged toilet is never fun.

Forget all the hassle of having to ask your date if they have a plunger in their apartment. What do you do with the plunger when you’re done?  You can’t hand it back to them before you head out for your intimate dinner reservation?  Not on a first date, at least.  That’s more a 4th or 5th date.