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Marketers: How to reach Gen-Y consumers

Millennials, Generation Y.

Whatever you call them, we’re still talking about people who were born roughly from 1982 – 2004.

And while 80’s music may not be what they consider classic, these are the consumers who would have the most disposable income to spend elsewhere, Dexy’s Midnight Runners be damned.

The Gen Y Handbook: Applying Relationship Leadership to Engage Millennials
The Gen Y Handbook:
Applying Relationship Leadership to Engage Millennials


Does the Creepy Dating Rule really work?

We’ve all heard about the CREEPY DATING RULE, where you’re not supposed to date anyone younger than half your age + 7, right?

So if you’re 30 years old, you can’t date anyone younger than 22 years old.  And flipping that around – if you’re 30, you shouldn’t date anyone older than 46 years old.

22 years old through 46 years old.  That sounds like a pretty reasonable dating age range, don’t you think?

Stop Being Creepy
Stop Being Creepy

10 Things

Old people get drunk more than young people

Do you think you drink more than your grandparents do, or do you think that your grandparents are a bunch of lushes?

Would you believe that old people know how to hold their alcohol?

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This website will guess your age

Have you been to a county fair recently?

If not – then rest assured that they still have the old-fashioned carnival barker there, offering to guess anything from your weight, to your zodiac sign, to your age — all for just a few dollars.  Don’t worry – if they get it wrong, they hand you a stuffed animal worth $0.25 to them.  It’s sheer profit, even if they lose every single transaction that they attempt.

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Proof that old people are funnier than young people

Young people tend to ignore older folks.

Advertisers tend to ignore older folks.

Even some older folks ignore each other at times.

But you know, sometimes we should take the time to listen to our elders.  They say some pretty funny stuff sometimes.

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9 Reasons why Old People Smell the Way They Do

“I smell old people,” says many kids upon their first visit to see Grandma and Grandpa.

It’s an unforgetable scent – that of medicinal cremes, ointments, mothballs.

And it’s a sensation that many people tend to find memorable, and not in a good way.

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Old people shouldn’t drive with cruise control turned on

The other day, Web Watch was talking with some older relatives about a recent checkup that they had with their doctor.

Health-wise, everything’s fine… but when the doctor asked if they had made any lifestyle changes in the past year, they said that they had made one change: they’ve stopped using their car’s cruise control feature.