Compared to drunk men, drunk women don’t sleep very well

I Don't Drink Anymore, Unless it's Wine
I don’t drink anymore, unless it’s wine

Did you know about the medical journal entitled ALCOHOLISM: CLINICAL & EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH?

It covers all types of medical research involving alcohol, such as:

So in a recent study, Web Watch shouldn’t be surprised that scientists were able to conclude that DRUNK WOMEN HAVE PROBLEMS SLEEPING.

More specifically, that drunk women have more difficulty sleeping than do drunk men.

What the study of men and women, ages 21-29, did was to get the participants drunk, then send them to bed to sleep.

Because, after all, that’s what drunk people like to do.

What the researchers found was that the drunk women were more restless and spent more time awake during the night than did the men.  One theory says this has to do with the difference between how men and women metabolize alcohol.

So if you’re a woman and you’re having trouble sleeping, try NOT having an extra glass of wine with dinner tonight, and see if that makes any difference for you