The “Don’t Eat That, Don’t Eat That” Diet. Lose weight by not eating gross stuff

History's Grossest Moments
History’s Grossest Moments

So you want to lose weight, but don’t have a good weight-loss diet program?

You can always do what Web Watch does — just pay attention to the quality of the food service at the restaurants you eat at.  Because let’s face it – people are generally gross, and don’t really care.

Ask any friend of yours who has worked in food service.  They’ve all done — or seen — some really nasty stuff go on behind-the-scenes in the restaurant kitchen.

For example, next time you go into your favorite local establishment, take a look at the posted health score on the wall.  And keep in mind that no matter how high that number is, the restaurant manager had to negotiate that upwards from where it was originally.  So while you may see an 89 out of 100 point score on the wall, you have to ask what was so awful that the health inspector couldn’t bring it up to a 90.

Yeah.  Low food scores are pretty gross.  Good sign of cross-contamination or other major food handling issues that can get you pretty sick.  Half the battle of sticking to a diet is just deciding not to eat at those kinds of places.

So why are we talking about all this?  Because we found a list of SEVEN GROSS THINGS THAT YOU EAT ALL THE TIME, but probably didn’t ever want to know that you were eating in the first place.  Web Watch is going to be nice to you — we’re just going to tell you what the gross ingredient is.  You’re going to have to click the link to see where those ingredients end up.  (For example, you’ll see that Gummi Bears are made from cow’s feet.  See, isn’t this fun?)

  • Beaver anal glands
  • Cochineal beetles
  • Shellac beetles
  • Human secretions (yeah, you knew this would be on the list somewhere, didn’t you?)
  • Duck feathers
  • Sheep juice
  • “Acceptable levels of filth”

Want to stick to that diet of yours?  Wait until you find out where you’ve been eating some beaver ass.