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Lose weight by eating chocolate

Whenever you visit your doctor, they’ll invariably say the same thing – “you need to lose some weight”.

It doesn’t matter how much over your percentile weight class you are, it’s as if doctors are pre-programmed to say this to every one of their patients, no matter how seemingly healthy they are.

Sure, Web Watch was told by our physician once — once, we’ll stress — that we needed to put a few pounds on to maintain a healthy equilibrium, but this was truly an exception rather than a rule.

Valrhona Chocolate
Valrhona Chocolate

But what if Web Watch were to tell you that researchers in Granada have determined that EATING CHOCOLATE CAN LOWER YOUR OVERALL FAT LEVELS?

First, after you stop laughing at us in disbelief, we encourage you to read the article.

It says that chocolate contains many healthy properties and can be used to help prevent heart disease.  It also says that University of California researchers also found that frequent eating of chocolate can contribute to a lower overall body-mass index.

Look – we’re not saying that you can eat all the chocolate you’d like and lose weight.  That’s just crazy talk.

But as long as you continue exercising and eating the other good stuff — you should find that adding chocolate to your diet may be just the thing that the doctor ordered.