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Which Halloween Candy is WORST for your Diet?

Which Halloween Candy is Worse for You?

The sad part is which delightful, popular candy tops the list as the WORST CANDY YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT TO EAT FOR HALLOWEEN (or anytime of year).  Watch the video to discover the horrible, horrible truth.

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Who eats more meat, China or the US? (You’ll be surprised by the answer)

People in China are stereotypically believed to live longer, healthier lives – primarily based on their dietary habits. And as stereotypes go, that’s really not a bad judgement call to make on anyone’s part. Who wouldn’t want to be naturally considered healthier than those around you, solely based on your heritage or where you currently live?

Well, perhaps there’s something more at steak (HA!) than what we think is happening, diet-wise.

Meat is Murder
Meat is Murder

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The secret to losing weight is who you eat with, not what you eat

Everybody is always on some sort of diet, and all diets basically end up being the same thing:

Eat less than your body needs for fuel.

So if you eat a lot, you need to exercise more.  If you don’t exercise a lot, then you should eat less.  And the types of foods you eat should be considered relatively “healthy” compared to cookies, cake, and ice cream.

Remember, kids – “delicious” doesn’t always equate to “good for you”.

Inflatable Fat Suit
Inflatable Fat Suit

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11 Better Ways to Burn Calories Than What You’re Doing Right Now

What is your favorite way to exercise, burn off some calories?

Do you wear your FITBIT and try to get in your 10,000 steps every day?  Do you step it up a notch and jog a little bit instead of merely running?  Jogging is supposed to be the best form of exercise you can get, right?

Or are you more of a bicycle enthusiast, riding your bike for 20 miles because you can?

While jogging and biking are definitely good, one of these is much more beneficial to you than the other.

Yoga for Regular Guys
Yoga for Regular Guys


Want to lose weight? Fruits and vegetables won’t help

Everybody seems to be on some sort of diet these days.

And for the most part, diets do their job of reducing caloric intake and helping people lose their desired weight (when combined with a proper exercise program, of course).

But as we’ve said in the past, some diets are better than others.  But the core of most diets are that you should be able to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Or maybe not.

Fruit and Vegetable Basket: Pretend Play Toy Foods for Children's Kitchen
Fruit and Vegetable Basket:
Pretend Play Toy Foods for Children’s Kitchen

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These 7 “healthy” foods may actually be bad for you

When you’re on a diet, you tend to dramatically change your eating habits in order to comply with the menu you’ve put together.

Whether it be South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers — every diet requires self-discipline and monitoring, in addition to switching out all the yummy fun sugary carbs with lots of boring vegetables and fruits.


Another #1 Little Secret That Diet Gurus Don't Want You to Know: (Diets Don't Work, So Stop Hitting Your Head Against the WALL!
Another #1 Little Secret That Diet Gurus Don’t Want You to Know: (Diets Don’t Work, So Stop Hitting Your Head Against the WALL!

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Extreme Weight Loss tip: take off your thong underpants

If you have a scale at home, how do you weigh yourself?

Most people agree that it really doesn’t matter how you weigh yourself, as long as however you do it, you do it consistently.  Always weigh yourself before your shower, after your shower, in the morning, at night — whatever you choose, just keep doing the same thing every time.

Laura Ashley Women's Variety Thong Set
Laura Ashley Women’s Variety Thong Set

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10 Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Fit that ANYONE can do

We all need to eat less and exercise more.  That’s the basic principle behind losing weight and getting in shape.

For some, getting a Fitbit or similar is the catalyst they need to get their 10,000 steps a day – and if that’s the ONLY thing you’re attempting to do compared to your old habits, then that’s a step in the right direction.  Pun intended.

FitBit ZIP
Fitbit ZIP