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Got the Post-Halloween Candy Bug? Try HotLix!

HotLix Edible Crickets (salt and vinegar flavor)HOTLIX is not your typical candy company.

HotLix deals with all the candy that you won’t find in a typical candy shop, but can be found in some specialty-food stores.

Why a specialty-food store?  Because HotLix’s specialty is making candy out of creepy-crawly bugs and insects.

Some of their products include:

  • Worm Candy – lollipop-encased worms in tequila, watermelon, apple, or orange flavors
  • Cricket Candy – lollipop-encased crickets in orange, grape, strawberry, or blueberry flavors
  • Larvets – crunchy worms in BBQ, cheddar cheese, or Mexican spice
  • Crickettes – high-protein crunchy crickets in salt and vinegar, bacon and cheese, or sour cream and onion flavors
  • Scorpion Candy – scorpions encased in flavored lollipops, in blueberry, banana, apple, or strawberry.  If you were wondering – scorpion venom is only lethal if the scorpion is still alive.
  • Ant Candy – two versions: ants in hard candy (apple or cherry flavor), or ants in white chocolate wafers
  • Butterfly Candy – not made with actual butterflies, but with “substitute insects and edible flowers”.  In strawberry or blueberry flavor
  • Chocolate-covered Insects – take your pick of crickets, worms, or ants – in white or milk chocolate.