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All the good book ideas are taken: F* This Website

F* THE WORLDWeb Watch never tires of pointing out all the websites that have been able to profit by turning their online diatribes into massive book deals. The only issue we have is that we didn’t think of any of these ideas first.

These deals do prove one thing – that while having a great Internet-based idea is fine, the real money is still in traditional media, whether it be in books, TV, or movies.  You’ve seen Will Ferrell’s FUNNY OR DIE website?  It has its own HBO production deal, because being online only apparently wasn’t good enough for them.

Which brings us to today’s site, which asks readers to download a F*** sticker and paste it anywhere they feel that it needs to be shared.  Take a photo of said item, and send it in to the F*** THIS WEBSITE website.F* THIS BOOK

Yes,the submissions are often funny and inspired with proper placement of the sticker – and the folks who run the site have two books based on this idea already.

Here’s what Web Watch really doesn’t understand – if you’re already reading the site online, do you have any reason to buy the book?  And if you’re thinking of buying the book, why wouldn’t you just go visit the website?  If someone could explain this to us, we’d really appreciate it.