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Why You Hate That Website

You hate that website because they came up with a way to make money off of their site and you haven’t figured out how to do the same thing with yours.

Two new book deals were announced today, both of them are based on websites previously featured here on Web Watch:

The BUSINESS INSIDER is reporting that Maxime Valette and Guillaume Passaglia’s website F*** MY LIFE, which is based on its own French website and book, is going into book form and will be published  in July 2009.  Not a bad way to turn someone else’s misery into dollars.

To top that off, another website that is based on reader’s submissions – THIS IS WHY YOU’RE FAT, is also getting the book treatment.  At the very least, they were upfront about saying that was what they were going to do — upfront to those who bothered to read the fine print, that is.

I know what you’re thinking.  Is there really money to be made in creating a website with the hopes that one day it could be turned into a book?  Just ask the people behind the BACON EXPLOSIONThey just signed a book deal worth six figures.

Damn them.

What’s the lesson from this?  It’s easy to make money by making fun of people on the Internet.  Just start mocking folks, get some exposure, sign a book deal, profit!