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This website will guess your age

Have you been to a county fair recently?

If not – then rest assured that they still have the old-fashioned carnival barker there, offering to guess anything from your weight, to your zodiac sign, to your age — all for just a few dollars.  Don’t worry – if they get it wrong, they hand you a stuffed animal worth $0.25 to them.  It’s sheer profit, even if they lose every single transaction that they attempt.

How To Guess Your Age
How To Guess Your Age

But maybe it’s not so hard to guess someone’s age after all.

Some Harvard computer folks have put together THIS COMPUTER GUESS-YOUR-AGE GAME, where all you have to do is click on a handful of dots on the screen.

They claim that there are over 60 different factors that they can evaluate to determine the age of the person using their site, everything from the amount of time you pause between clicks, to how you move the mouse pointer across the screen.

Web Watch doesn’t know how much faith we’ll put into their results when we took the test — there was a significant age discrepency in their guess for us… but we’ll take whatever we can get sometimes.

So take the GUESS YOUR AGE challenge, and then let us know in the comments below how close Harvard got to getting your age right.