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Has your website been plagiarized?

Web Watch has been around for quite a number of years now, having presented our faithful readers with thousands of websites, videos, news articles, and other tidbits of helpful information along the way.

And with that type of success online, we’re also subjected to having our content stolen.

It’s true — and we’ve had to file cease & desist notices to a number of websites that copied our original content and presented it as their own.

Silly rabbit – just because it’s posted on the Internet doesn’t mean that it’s free for the taking.

Plagiarism in the Internet Era
Plagiarism in the Internet Era

So what can you do to help identify websites that may have copied YOUR material verbatim, passing off your content as their own?

Web Watch has found a nifty little utility called COPYSCAPE that does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Just pop in the URL for your original content, and COPYSCAPE will search the Internet for pages that have high-levels of duplicate content associated with it.   From there, it’s up to you to contact the site owner and get their content taken down.   The nice thing about COPYSCAPE is that it shows you the percentage of content that matches your page.  Sure beats guessing.

Hey, you can even ask Google to remove that content from their search database if you have a legitimate legal case.