Quitting your job in spectacular fashion

Have you ever quit your job?

Web Watch knows someone who didn’t actually quit their job – they just stopped showing up while they went to work elsewhere.  The employer kept paying them and kept them on the payroll for months, before figuring out that person wasn’t going to come back.  It was more of a quiet, subtle quit process.

But quitting can bring such joy to people, if they do it with passion.


Which is exactly what this recent survey from OfficeTeam found out when they asked for the “wackiest” reasons people gave when they submitted their notice:

  • Going to join the circus
  • They lost their cell phone too many times at work
  • They quit to participate in a reality show (Web Watch knows this one to be true for a number of contestants – either they quit or end up being fired)
  • Someone left to play the trombone
  • They were making too much money and didn’t feel it was worth it
  • They hated the lighting in the building

So what did you do the last time you hated a job so much that you had to just up and quit?  Did you leave in a blaze of glory, burning your bridges behind you?