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News Flash: Women secretly hate the fashion choices most men make

Robert Graham Shirt

Web Watch openly admits that we grew up with the eight-color box of Crayola crayons

We don’t know the difference between cyan, sky blue, light blue, purple, blueberry, navy blue, royal blue, denim, or burnt sienna colors. 

To us, those all qualify as “blue”, and since they’re all the same color they all should match appropriately to each other.  Besides, “jeans” go with everything, right?  Right.

And because of our keen fashion sense, Web Watch knows that we can comfortably sit back and mock other people’s fashion choices of their own. 

Because Web Watch would never stoop so low as to participate in any of the EIGHT FASHION TRENDS THAT MEN FOLLOW THAT WOMEN HATE.

  1. Graphic t-shirts
    You’re not being as ironic as you think you are.
  2. Manpris
    You know, capri pants for men.  Web Watch doesn’t feel we need to elaborate on this point any further than the article so clearly explains how this is a bad idea.
  3. Cargo shorts
    Of course, the day that men go out with their women with inadequate pocket space is the day that the women also decide to leave their purse at home but still insist that their date carry the lipstick, phone, and wallet for them.  While not always pretty, cargo shorts do serve a practical purpose that women should be thankful for.
  4. The “Going Out” shirt.
    Which, according to the article, is almost as bad as the “untucked Going-Out shirt”.  We think we can all agree that Jon Gosselin and Ed Hardy singlehandedly ruined the fun shirt for everyone.
  5. Scarves
    But earmuffs made the cut.  Cool.
  6. Bad leather shoes
    Which is why Web Watch just wears sneakers with everything.
  7. The Simon Cowell-inspired “Deep V” t-shirt.
    Even worse if it’s one of those shiny ones.
  8. Cellphones clipped to your belt.
    Again, there’s a reason that cargo pants were invented.  All those pockets do serve a real purpose.