News flash: Science proves that women are worse at parking cars than men are

Where to park your car in New YorkApparently, science has proven what many have believed to be true:  that WOMEN ARE WORSE AT PARKING CARS THAN MEN ARE.

And we all know that if scientists are able to prove it, it must be true.

The study from Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, rated 65 people on their ability to park a car in a standard parking space.  Parking styles included head-on, reverse, and parallel parking.  All tests were timed and rated for accuracy in vehicle positioning.

The findings?  Women drivers were slower to park and more cautious – by an average of 20 seconds longer versus men – but taking more time did not result in higher accuracy.

Those running the study confirmed what other studies have shown – that men have better coordination and spatial awareness than women do.