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A Modest Proposal for Saturday Night Live: You Don’t Suck, You’re Just Airing the Wrong SNL Tape

Mr Bill from Saturday Night LiveWeb Watch has just finished watching this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live episode starring Gerard Butler.  THIS WEEK’S EPISODE CONTINUED TO PROVE THAT THE SHOW CAN BE FUNNY if they have a host that is versatile.

As is often the case, some of the skits were hit-or-miss.  Opening monologue and the Beauty and the Beast sketch were amusing, as is what usually happens when the cast throws some comedic music into the mix.

We enjoyed Weekend Update as always, and Keenan’s “What’s Up With That” bit was worth the effort the cast put into it (we’ll see that one again, we hope).  Butler may not have been the strongest host they’ve had, but he certainly didn’t embarass himself – and he showed that he was willing to do anything for a laugh.  No complaints about him at all.   The lack of Andy Samberg and an SNL Digital Short is a different issue, but we don’t have time to get into that today.

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Problems with Food Network Recipes: Jerk Chicken and Zarela’s Creamy Rice Casserole

Oaxaca Traditional Recipes
Oaxaca Traditional Recipes Cookbook by Zalera Martinez

Web Watch enjoys watching Food Network, and one of the limited-run series that Food Network has been airing for the past few weeks is entitled THE BEST THING I EVER ATE.

Each episode has various Food Network stars (Guy Fieri, Duff Goldman, Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, etc) raving about the Best Things They’ve Ever Eaten in different categories. If you’re a foodie, these are the places around the country that you should stick your head into to see what’s up.

One episode, entitled “Obsessions”, covered foods from Miami to San Francisco. Finally, an episode that featured three(!) restaurants that Web Watch has already visited. So far, so good.

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Reasons why BETTER OFF TED is Awesome

ABC’s BETTER OFF TED is one of those TV shows that either you get or you don’t.  Luckily, it has been renewed for a 2nd season, so if you have missed the initial episodes, you’ll have a chance to catch up with the fun.

The show’s comedic style and pacing is not in sync with the standard sitcom formula, which can take a little getting used to, however.  If you can make it past the unique style, you’ll find the show very much worth watching.

This week’s episode, entitled “Bioshuffle”, had a series of clever throwaway jokes that just had to be shared.

Why?  Because they’re funny, and these lines wouldn’t have made sense in almost any other sitcom out there.

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TiVo Alert: PITCHMEN on Discovery

Billy Mays (the bearded one) and Anthony Sullivan (the other guy) are two of those “As Seen on TV” pitchmen, shilling products ranging from stick-up lightbulbs to cleaning supplies to other handy household products.

Since these infomercials have become so ingrained in the public consciousness (“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”), The Discovery Channel has decided to make Pitchmen, a reality-TV show about what it takes to get a new product from the pitch to TV.

Similar in concept to the ABC program AMERICAN INVENTOR from a few years ago, people from around the country bring their inventions to a pitch meeting with Billy, Anthony, and the president of Tele-Brands in the hopes that they too have the Next Greatest Must-Have item.

Along the way, we learn a little bit about what it takes to be a successful telemarketed product, such as:

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The 50 Greatest Sketch Comedy Routines Ever

Think that you know your television sketch comedy inside and out?