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Reasons why BETTER OFF TED is Awesome

ABC’s BETTER OFF TED is one of those TV shows that either you get or you don’t.  Luckily, it has been renewed for a 2nd season, so if you have missed the initial episodes, you’ll have a chance to catch up with the fun.

The show’s comedic style and pacing is not in sync with the standard sitcom formula, which can take a little getting used to, however.  If you can make it past the unique style, you’ll find the show very much worth watching.

This week’s episode, entitled “Bioshuffle”, had a series of clever throwaway jokes that just had to be shared.

Why?  Because they’re funny, and these lines wouldn’t have made sense in almost any other sitcom out there.

On this week’s episode, a half living organism/half-computer system springs a leak and drips deadly acid throughout the building.  Dr Bomba, who built this man/machine hybrid, calls the computer “Johnny”.

Dr Bomba explains that Johnny has been leaking “an acid-like goo, or ass-goo, for short”.   Ass-goo?  Brilliant!

Assorted hijinks occur, with Ted narrating that he “wasn’t the only one affected by the goo coming out of Dr Bomba’s Johnny.”   Still funny.

Phil, a scientist, deduces that Johnny has an ulcer (being half-human and all), and needs to have a way to communicate its discomfort due to the acid buildup.  Phil says that he is going to create “an acid interface.  Assface, for short.”  

Let’s say that again.

“Assface, for short.”  

This seemed like an entire episode was written by a room full of writers who just wanted to get the term “assface” into the episode.

And with that, Better Off Ted has finally given us the answer to the ultimate question at bar nights across the country that won’t result with you getting into a fight:  please use the term “assface” in a sentence.