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How To Avoid Paying the Dinner Check

Sometimes it’s not always obvious who is going to pay for a dinner date.  Some say the man should always pay for the first date, at the very least

Others say that it should be the person who initiated the date conversation.

Still, sometimes their can still be a question of who is responsible when the check arrives.  Here are NINE TIME-PROVEN WAYS THAT WOMEN HAVE USED TO FORCE THEIR DATE TO PAY THE BILL.

  1. Don’t carry an American Express card?  Pick a restaurant that only takes American Express.
  2. Excuse yourself to the bathroom, and along the way, tell the waiter to give the check to your date.
  3. Continue to talk about how chivalry is dead, giving your date the opportunity to prove otherwise.
  4. Continually bring up how poor you are and don’t have money to go out to eat like this very often.
  5. Make a casual bet, with dinner as the prize.  Of course, do your research first to make sure that you’re right.  This may require an advance visit to the restaurant to talk with the staff and get the real answers ahead of time.
  6. Forget your wallet.
  7. Leave to go to the bathroom… and leave.
  8. Lose a contact lens, even if you don’t wear them in the first place.  You’ll have to go home then, you’re half-blind!
  9. When the check arrives, just pass the check directly to your date, promising (of course) that you’ll get the next one.