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Where is the most STRESSFUL place in the US?

Work is stressful.

Relationships are stressful.

Driving in traffic is stressful.

Is there anything in your life that doesn’t cause a little bit of stress, anxiousness?


Which is healthier – pot or alcohol?

As more and more states move towards legalizing marijuana, it’s natural that people who may not partaken of smoking a little bit of the wacky weed may try a little bit since they wouldn’t feel like they’re doing anything illegal.

How to make Marijuana Beer
How to Make Marijuana Beer


A fast, easy, and inexpensive way to analyze your DNA

Have you ever wondered about your family? What makes you… you?

Want to give someone a unique Christmas gift that is as unique as the recipient is…. because the gift IS the recipient themselves?



Save the environment: Pee in the Shower! (Everyone’s doing it!)

So remember a while back when Web Watch told you HOW MANY WOMEN ADMIT TO PEEING IN THE SHOWER?

Apparently, we were ahead of the pack with that information, as you may have guessed with this week’s revelation about the benefits that PEEING IN THE SHOWER can bring.

Don't Pee in the Shower
Don’t Pee in the Shower


Criminals now asking: Your Money or Your Life?

When was the last time you walked into your doctor’s office? Remember when you had to fill out that clipboard at the front desk, and they asked you for your Social Security Number?

Guess what – they don’t really need that.

But you know who does? Criminals.

Medical Billing and Coding For Dummies
Medical Billing and Coding For Dummies

Funny News Science

Weird News: Cows do not like Cowbells

Web Watch will refrain from making any “MORE COWBELL” jokes with this story: COWS DO NOT LIKE COWBELLS

Giant Cowbell
Yes, it’s a Giant Cowbell

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How to sterilize a kitchen cutting board

How often do you clean – we mean REALLY clean – your cutting board?

Chances are, your cutting board is not as clean as you think it is, and is harboring all sorts of nasty, disgusting germs.

Boos Cutting Board
Boos Cutting Board (Maple)

How To

The secret to losing weight is who you eat with, not what you eat

Everybody is always on some sort of diet, and all diets basically end up being the same thing:

Eat less than your body needs for fuel.

So if you eat a lot, you need to exercise more.  If you don’t exercise a lot, then you should eat less.  And the types of foods you eat should be considered relatively “healthy” compared to cookies, cake, and ice cream.

Remember, kids – “delicious” doesn’t always equate to “good for you”.

Inflatable Fat Suit
Inflatable Fat Suit