Pop Quiz: in an emergency, would you rather save your pet or another person?

Web Watch would like to own a dog, but we’re more “borrow a dog” people over “own a dog” people.  Too much hair and upkeep with a moving pet.  We owned one of those beta fighting fish for a year or two.  That seemed to work out okay, since the fish seemed to stay in its jar throughout the day.

But we’ve never owned a pet where we had an emotional connection that would come into play in an emergency situation.

So we ask you:  in an emergency, if you only have one option – to save your pet or to save a person – which would you choose?

Guide to Pet Safety:
Guide to Pet Safety:
“Saving the Entire Family” Disaster Prepardness & Emergency

That’s the question that came from the psychology department at Augusta State University, where they asked participants WOULD THEY SAVE A BELOVED PET OVER A HUMAN?

The specific question that was asked was:

  • If there is a fast moving bus heading towards your beloved pet and a foreign tourist, who would you save?

45% said that they would save their pet over saving the tourist.  Those that answered “pet” said that they would be so focused on saving that member of their family that they would block out everyone else around.

Granted, the survey did ask if they would save the person first if it was someone else, such as a local stranger, distant cousin, best friend, grandparent, or sibling.

Surprisingly, 1% of those surveyed would still save their pet over a sibling or a grandparent.