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What sport are you best suited for? Take this quiz!

Parents always have high hopes for their children.  Will they be tennis superstars? Golf phenoms?

Are the Olympics in your future?  Weekends spent in gyms watching basketball games late into the night?

Are you going to be a baseball caravan parent, driving your kids all over the country so they can play competitively and maybe get in the Little League World Series?

Life as a Ninja
Life as a Ninja

Or maybe you had aspirations yourself about what type of an athlete you would be yourself.

But which sport should you choose?

Why don’t you take a gander at this 13 QUESTION SPORT QUIZ put together by the BBC to see which sport you would be best suited for based on your answers to the following questions:

  • Your height
  • pain tolerance
  • power
  • aggressiveness
  • body awareness
  • communication
  • coordination
  • focus
  • body fat
  • trust
  • endurance
  • agility

How do we know this quiz worked?  Because the suggestion for Web Watch was obvious from the start:   um, “netball“?  That doesn’t sound right. Maybe we need to go adjust our answers a bit for some better results.

How did you score?  Did the quiz work for you?