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You May Die: The Death Race 24-hour challenge

Death Race 2000
Death Race 2000

Do you have what it takes to survive the Ultimate Racing Challenge?

Sure, you could probably try one of Mark Burnett’s events, whether it be SURVIVOR, the ECO-CHALLENGE, or EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE – but those have nothing, and we mean nothing, on the DEATH RACE CHALLENGEthat their website is at the URL YOU MAY DIE should tell you something.

The DEATH RACE is a race like no other.  It will test your agility, your brainpower, your strength, your endurance, and sometimes your sanity.  You may see it listed as the SPARTAN DEATH RACE / OBSTACLE AND MUD RACING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

All you have to do is follow the rules (as few as there may be) and get from Point A to Point B (and maybe back again, over and over – with or without your desired gear, whatever the rules dictate.

Sound confusing?  Here’s a brief description from someone who placed 2nd in the 2010 race:

  • Carry wood bridges, 32 pounds of pennies, and an 8 pound Greek text for 5 miles over a mountain.  Then back.
  • Next, take a gravel bucket and carry it (and your gear) on another 2 hour hike up a mountain.
  • Crawl through some barbed wire, then back down the 5-mile mountain.  Then back up.
  • Translate some Greek, translate some Mandarin, then chop 30 logs
  • Have you counted your pennies yet?  Guess what – it’s time to do that before another 5 mile hike up a mountain carrying 10 pounds of onions, the pennies, a post-hole digger, and assorted other equipment.
  • At the top of the mountain, eat a pound of onions.

Get the picture?  This thing is grueling.   In 2009, contestants were told that there would be a major bicycle element to the race.  Competitors trained for months on their bikes, building up their bike skills and endurance.  They ended up having to carry their bikes (sans chains) during the entire race.  Another rule? Whatever gear you start the race with must be carried with you for the rest of the race.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to carry your assigned tree stump with you too.

Yeah, brutal stuff.

The 2011 race takes place in Pittsfield, Vermont, on JUNE 25th, with a start time of noon.  Registration for 2011 has closed, but you can still prepare and register for the 2012 race, set for JUNE 23rd 2012 (start time 6:00am).

Oh, hell yeah – Web Watch definitely wants to catch this on our reality TV program listings.