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Let’s play a game: Race Horse or Song Title?

Let’s play a game: “Race Horse or Song Title”?

It’s a fun game to play during TRIPLE CROWN season, where gamblers everywhere turn to the KENTUCKY DERBY, PREAKNESS, and BELMONT to crown the fastest horse in the land.

But while we all chuckle over the wacky names that horses are given, one does have to wonder where those names come from, right?

Creepy Horse Head Mask
Creepy Horse Head Mask

It’s not like the owners think these things up on their own, do they?

Well, they do.

But they also have to past muster by the JOCKEY CLUB HORSE REGISTRY, where they keep extensive records over every thoroughbred horse who ever lived.  Some names could be re-used, and the Jockey Club releases those names regularly back into the wild, as it were.  But as they say, “similar sounding names may not be allowed”.

So how do you play RACE HORSE OR SONG TITLE?

Just browse through the list of registered horse names and see if any sound like a song title, then use those in your quiz.  Song titles should be easy to come by, so Web Watch won’t help you trying to track down something from iTunes or Amazon – that’s just too easy.

So let’s throw out some qualifying Race Horse names that actually could be song titles:

  • Fruits of Love
  • Fuhr Elise (ok, that one’s cheating a bit)
  • Made to Move
  • Roadhouse Romeo
  • Sally Oop
  • Brand New Moves
  • Teach Me to Tango
  • Naked Cowgirl