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Game: Guess the Mix

Here’s another game you can play on long car rides:  GUESS THE MIX.

Come up with a themed mixtape consisting of 10 songs.  The theme can be anything you’d like:  cars, breakups, cooking, songs that feature cowbell…anything you’d like the theme to be.

There are three ways to play this:

  1. Play the mix for your friends.  This option allows everyone to hear the songs that you’ve chosen, and is the best version to play if your friends do not have a large musical brain to pull from.
  2. Tell your friends the track titles.  This option is for the more experienced player, as they will need to know what those songs sound like on their own.
  3. Tell your friends only the artist names.  This is the most advanced option, as it will require your friends to determine what songs from those artists would combine into a single theme.  For hardcore players only.