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Game: Guess the CD

Here’s another game you can play with your friends on long road trips: GUESS THE CD.

Just rattle off the names of the songs on the CD (in any order you choose, preferably from obscure to common).  The first person to guess the name and artist of the CD wins a point.

Let’s try it, shall we?

  1. Mother
  2. Murder by Numbers
  3. Wrapped Around Your Finger
  4. King of Pain
  5. Every Breath You Take

The Police, Synchronicity

  1. Stay
  2. Over and Over
  3. Angel
  4. Material Girl
  5. Like a Virgin

Madonna, Like a Virgin

  1. Babyface
  2. The First Time
  3. The Wanderer
  4. Dirty Day
  5. Lemon
  6. Numb
  7. Stayaway (So Far, So Close)
  8. Zooropa

U2, Zooropa