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Game: Guess the Band

Here’s another game you can play on long road trips:  GUESS THE BAND

All you have to do is rattle off the names of people in the band, and have people guess.  The first person to guess correctly gets a point.  This one should only be played by people who really are into their music and claim to know their bands inside-and-out.

Let’s try some examples:

  1. Stan Cullimore
  2. Chris Lang
  3. Paul Heaton
  4. Norman Cook

(The Housemartins)

  1. Roger O’Donnell
  2. Lol Tolhurst
  3. Porl Thompson
  4. Robert Smith

(The Cure)

  1. Chris Tomson
  2. Chris Baio
  3. Rostam Batmanglij
  4. Ezra Koenig

(Vampire Weekend)