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The Funniest Movies Ever Made

If you were to ask 100 people what they thought was the FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER, you’d likely get 100 different answers.

Luckily, you don’t have to ask for an opinion on the matter when you can use MATH to calculate the answer.

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The Top 100 Global Brands

It may be easy to guess the TOP 5 MOST VALUABLE BRANDS IN THE WORLD, but it gets significantly harder to guess once you go past #17 or so on the list. And you won’t believe who’s at the bottom this year.

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Four years ago, NASA hired a “scent consultant” to develop a smell that could be used to train astronauts on what to expect when they finally get to outer space.

And now, we finally know the answer to WHAT SPACE SMELLS LIKE.

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Playboy’s Top Party Schools 2015

Playboy Magazine continues their tradition of evaluating today’s collegiate lifestyle culture and selecting those colleges that they feel are the ULTIMATE PARTY SCHOOLS for 2015.

And that’s why Web Watch feels that we should also continue OUR tradition of sharing these 2015 PARTY SCHOOLS with you, since we’ve been covering this very important topic for more than a decade.

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It’s true! Men really ARE stupider than women!

It’s an old TV sitcom trope, that the family is headed up by a smart mother and a doofus dad who always does doofus things.

While TV writers do this for laughs, maybe their main purpose of this isn’t really because it’s funny if dad is an idiot – maybe TV is just a reflection on life itself.

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Which country in the world has the best Work-Life balance? (hint: it’s not the US)

Achieving the proper Work-Life Balance for employees is something that every company and manager tries to emphasize with their employees, but in reality we know that it really never works out.

Some would say that some countries in Europe have it better. We recall one story where a bank  requires – REQUIRES – their employees to take a full four weeks off when they go on vacation. The theory is that any banking irregularity could be hidden by an employee who can cover their tracks every two weeks, but a four week vacation should expose any particular issues that the employee was involved with.

Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time
Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time


If your job suddenly required you to milk a cow, would you do it?

Not everybody has to milk a cow as part of their job.  Farmers, sure. But every day folks? Not so much.

And definitely not celebrities. Not unless they were researching for a movie role or something.

Being Miss America: Behind the Rhinestone Curtain
Being Miss America:
Behind the Rhinestone Curtain

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Weird News: Cows do not like Cowbells

Web Watch will refrain from making any “MORE COWBELL” jokes with this story: COWS DO NOT LIKE COWBELLS

Giant Cowbell
Yes, it’s a Giant Cowbell