Would you volunteer to go to outer space knowing you will DIE?

Who would be crazy enough to sign up for a one-way ticket to Mars, knowing that they will never come back to Earth, and that they WILL die on this mission?

Apparently over 1000 people have volunteered to DIE on a proposed Mission to Mars.

Mission to Mars: My Vision for Space Exploration
Mission to Mars:
My Vision for Space Exploration

The trip to Mars on MARS ONE is expected to take place in 2023, so there is some time left to live on Earth before they blast off into history.

Popular Science interviewed a few of the final candidates and asked them WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO MARS? – here are some of the answers that they were given:

  • I’d like to investigate the depths of the Valles Marineris canyon system and old lava tubes, searching for evidence of past (or present) microbial life
  • I want to cross country ski on Martian snow
  • Stare in wide-eyed wonder at the magnificence of the Universe around us and write about it. Then do the laundry. I think there’ll be a lot of laundry.
  • I would begin planning for the first industrial operations. The Martian regolith is rich in industrial metals, and the ability to extract them will be essential in a few decades when the colony needs to begin expanding
  • When I die on Mars in 2068 at age 100, I hope Earth kids won’t know what a gasoline pump is. No matter when I die, I hope Earth will respond not by retreating back into our one-planet grave, but by envisioning the time I lived off-planet as a record to be surpassed by the next person sent to explore our solar system, and beyond.
  • I’ll miss snuggling with my dog and passion fruit iced tea from Cheesecake Factory!

Obviously the people who were selected have grand visions of what life on Mars will be like (no doubt based on OJ Simpson in Capricorn ONE).

Still, assuming the mission is successful in getting people to Mars with no way back to Earth, could you really stand to be in the same cramped biosphere with the same 9 other people for the rest of your life?

How would you pass the time, solve arguments?  What do you foresee the dating situation to be like out there (’cause you just know IT’S going to happen, right?)