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Today’s Challenge: How long could you live in a 12′ x 7′ space?

New York Apartments
New York Apartments

Today’s challenge? How long would you be able to live in an apartment that was just 11′ long and 7′ wide?

That’s about 78 square feet total.

Do you think you could survive living there overnight?  A week?  How about a month?

Luke Clark Tyler doesn’t see it as a challenge at all — he’s doing it, and paying $750/month for the privilege of LIVING IN A SHOEBOX-SIZED APARTMENT IN NEW YORK CITY.

Granted, with that little space there’s really only room enough for a (tiny) bed and some basic furnishings, and a microwave.  There isn’t a bathroom – you have to share with 3 other similarly-housed tenants in your building.

Look, we realize that space is at a premium in New York, and we couldn’t imagine paying the same amount in rent for a 78-square foot apartment that could be paid for a monthly house payment on a 2000 square foot house in the suburbs – where you wouldn’t have to share a bathroom with anyone if you didn’t want to!

So how about it?  Are you up to the 78 square foot challenge?   Or would you get clastrophopic and have to move out within hours of moving in?