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Four years ago, NASA hired a “scent consultant” to develop a smell that could be used to train astronauts on what to expect when they finally get to outer space.

And now, we finally know the answer to WHAT SPACE SMELLS LIKE.


Would you volunteer to go to outer space knowing you will DIE?

Who would be crazy enough to sign up for a one-way ticket to Mars, knowing that they will never come back to Earth, and that they WILL die on this mission?

Apparently over 1000 people have volunteered to DIE on a proposed Mission to Mars.

Mission to Mars: My Vision for Space Exploration
Mission to Mars:
My Vision for Space Exploration

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Peeing in Space, Revisited: How Urine May Power Space Flight

The other day, Web Watch had the privilege of having dinner with a former NASA engineer, and as is often the case with this gentleman, the inevitable topic of using the bathroom in the confines of the Space Shuttle or the International Space Station came up.

Not by us, of course.  He was the one to first broach the subject, which we found a little odd, especially over dinner.

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There is no joy in using a space toilet in anti-gravity

Dream Space Bathroom
Dream Space Bathroom

It’s probably the single most frequently asked question at NASA and of all astronauts: HOW DO YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM IN SPACE?

Well, lucky for us, National Geographic has been able to go “behind the scenes” for us to get this video of exactly what the astronauts do to train how to use the anti-gravity space toilet.

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Should women be astronauts? Sure – just be sure to drink their pee

Astronaut Barbie
Astronaut Barbie

There are some people who say that women shouldn’t be astronauts. 

It really doesn’t matter who those idiots are, because we have people like Dr William Rowe, and his website FEMALES IN SPACE, which offers many scientific and medical reasons why women are superior astronaut material.