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Need a new logo design? Try a Logo Contest

Does your company have an iconic logo, one that defines who you are or what you do in an instant?

We’re not talking about a cartoon character spokesman, like the Geico Gecko (or the Geico Caveman, take your pick).  We’re talking something more akin to the “apple” logo for Apple.

As we’ve seen on any number of episodes of THE PITCH or CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, a vital part of marketing your business or product can come down to the most simple of items, THE LOGO.

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities
Logo Design Love:
A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities

So where do you go when you need a new logo?

You could go to a fancy advertising agency or a graphic design house to see what they come up with.  But doing this could run you into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Small businesses don’t have the financial resources available to them for that kind of expensive outlay.

So that’s where LOGO CONTEST WEBSITESsuch as LOGO TOURNAMENT (or others) come in to help.

For as little as $275, you provide some logo specifications and information about your business to the site, and then dozens of freelance artists work in a frenzy to whip up some options for you as you provide feedback on the designs that have been submitted (different colors, no abbreviations, dimensions, etc).  Once you select a winning entry, that artist gets their payment, the website takes a small cut for their effort, and you get full legal rights to the submitted work.

All that being said, you may want to read this piece from LOGO DESIGN LOVE on whether using a Logo Contest is worth the effort, considering the possibility of plagiarism, lack of payment, or occasional issues with a winning design not actually meeting usability needs — all things that a traditional agency would cover.

Hey, you get what you pay for, sometimes.  Sometimes you don’t.